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The Portuguese Association on Vascular Access (APoAVa) was founded in 2016. It`s a multidisciplinary team. Was born through the efforts of medical doctors and nurses from all over the country, and their practice often includes vascular accesses. We are an association recognized by The Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet). Our main goal is to focus on innovations and advances in vascular access with a particular focus in the study, dissemination of knowledge and professional training. In this way, our objective is to create and share research results and collaborate in the construction of a work network between different healthcare professionals.

We are currently organizing the II International Congress on Vascular Access (CIAV2022). The event will take place in the Oporto – Portuguese Institute of Oncology (Portugal), between the 22nd and the 23rd of September 2022.

Our main goal is to promoting the sharing of different experiences through a multidisciplinary scientific program. We hope to meet your expectations, and welcome you to CIAV 2022.

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Presidente APoAVa 19/22

Teresa Dias


Message from the President

Welcome to CIAV 2022!

My name is Teresa Dias and I’am a physician by profession.

Venous access is one of the passions that I discovered, in this art where medicine develops.

To Professor Anabela, former presidente of APoAVa, I emphasize the pleasure it was to meet her and I would like to congratulate her for the excellent work developed until today.

It is with clarity and promise of work that I assume this position. Thanking to everyone for their vote of confidence, I underline the importance of the entire Multidisciplinary Team that built and continues to maintain this Association. I count on everyone because without them this Association wouldn’t exist!

The sharing of different realities and the wealth of knowledge are very important for us to maintain this project that we all embrace with the purpose to provide the best care for the patient. I hope we continue to develop this spirit of growing together.

We will be available to analyze the main problems related to venous access, central and peripheral, and we will try to contribute to the search for solutions.

You are all welcome to be part of this “family”.

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